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  • Supporting Mental Health, Behavioral Science, Educational Initiatives, Veteran Initiatives

    Monsegue Bailey Foundation Corporate Changes Lives

    Letter From the Founders:

    We believe in mind, body, spirit as the foundation for healthy living. Establishing a whole health perspective on life can be long and difficult. Still, we believe in collaborative efforts that support individuals’ life journeys through therapy, coaching, family counseling, training, and marriage counseling. At the Monsegue Bailey Foundation, we are conscious that not everyone can afford therapy, family counseling, coaching, or training, and we seek to provide free service to those in need.

    Succeeding in life is a quest. Families struggle to balance educational challenges and behavioral challenges among young adults ages 12-26. Let’s work together to ensure schools and families have the proper resources needed to make a difference in closing the educational gap and securing a successful future for young adults, especially in the 12-26 age group.

    Lastly, Veterans and families matter greatly and are often forgotten when transitioning from active service to civilian life. Their experiences and memories are real and often require service members, Veterans, and families to seek help. The Monsegue Bailey Foundation Corporate seeks to support Veterans and families through such challenging transitions.

    The Monsegue Bailey Foundation Corporate supports several causes and, with strong collaborations, will continue to provide quality services for those in need.

    Dr’s Bailey & Monsegue-Bailey