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  • Coaching Information

    Coaching utilizes individuals’ thoughts, concerns, and needs for change to transform learning through a critically reflective process, self-discovery, self-directed learning, and problem-solving. Coaching is a rich and enlightening journey seeking to change life’s challenges.

    The ICF Global Coaching studies, based on surveys commissioned by ICF and conducted by PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP, use information and insights from more than 15,000 professional coach practitioners and managers and leaders who use coaching skills to provide a picture of coaching today. While you are there, check out the Fact Sheets!

    The Human Capital Institute study series, Building a Coaching Culture, is full of valuable data that highlights coaching’s impact on high-performing organizations during change, coaching millennial leaders, and more.

    Choice Magazine Expert Series

    Choice magazine is the magazine for professional coaching. You can subscribe to either print or online versions to stay current about what is happening in the world of coaching. Check out their FREE Expert Series Archive for articles on a wide range of coaching topics.  Someday, we could read an article you have contributed!