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  • Common Questions:

    How long have the Monsegue Bailey Foundation Corporate been in existence? How did the foundation get started?

    The Monsegue Bailey Foundation Corporate is a 501(c)3 and was established in September 2020. The organization’s vision and mission are derived from life experiences, career experience, and important initiatives. The founders’ work in social work, Veterans’ therapeutical work, educational research, behavioral science research, and veteran knowledge and experience supported the vision and need for a foundation with comprehensive services.

    Who and what services would your money support?

    The Monsegue Bailey Foundation Corporate requires donations and grant funds to provide therapy, coaching (e.g., executive, parenting, life, whole health) to the underserved population, educational resources, training, and Veterans initiative linked to the transition from active/reserve duty to civilian acclimation.

    Funding would also support and sustain outside-of-school activities programs for young adults 12-18 from Low-socioeconomic status (SES) to buffer against negative impacts of an adverse health event (health shock) through the utilization of our initiatives. The impact of poor health, limited food, mental health resources, community support, and family support adds increase stress on families within the (SES) population. Therefore, our vision and mission are to provide comprehensive services to improve the quality of life for underserved populations.

    Can I donate to your organization in ways other than money?

    Yes, individuals can volunteer time or donate educational materials, free training, etc.

    What set the Monsegue Bailey Foundation Corporate apart from other organizations in the communities served?

    Our organization provides comprehensive services to a wide range of persons who struggle to obtain free therapy, coaching, educational and behavioral science resources, and Veterans’ support. Founders have life and work-related experience, and the comprehensive service offered can be linked across services through a whole health perspective to ease health shock.