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  • Behavioral Sciences Educational Initiatives

    Succeeding academically and dealing with life’s social and emotional traumas is difficult for some young adults ages 12-26. Leaders in the educational system and educators also struggle with providing the appropriate resources. The ultimate goal for education is to provide children, youth, and adults the knowledge and skills needed to better their lives. Therefore, focusing on a comprehensive approach to education is imperative for the future development of mechanics, doctors, lawyers, psychologists, nurses, teachers, and much more.

    Behavioral Sciences Educational Focus:

    • Health & wellness in underserved communities
    • Parent training and resources on supporting young adults 12-26 through the journey of life.
    • Outside of school programs for young adults ages 12-18
    • Understanding the lack of motivation among young adults ages 12-18
    • Improving positive behavior outcome and achievement for young adults ages 12-18